Customer reviews

  • Sergejus Basovas
    In cooperating with EXPO Center we have received an interest from Danish company which trades bathroom equipment. Communication is currently underway, we adapt our production to specific Danish needs. We hope that these product modifications will open the way to the promising Scandinavian market.
    Sergejus Basovas
    UAB „Vandens Linija“ Director
  • Audrius Katauskas
    EXPO centre became a good alternative method for us that saved time and brought us great results. During the first years of working together we received attention from more than 20 potential partners, we also attracted a major client in the French market, from whom we've received a first order for 700 log cabins. This client allowed us to significantly increase the company's turnover and helped us diversify our clientèle. We've recommended the EXPO centre's services to other companies as well. If you have any doubts or questions about the exhibition, feel free to contact us.
    Audrius Katauskas
    Arbena, CEO
  • Gediminas Jegelevičius
    "EXPO center helped us to attract the attention of potential clients from Italy, Germany and Lithuania. Depending on the products, we recommend other companies try out these services as well.”
    Gediminas Jegelevičius
    Jundos Stalių Gaminiai, Owner
  • Ieva Bridikė
    We are glad that the EXPO centre helped us attract significant attention from our target audience and secure new orders. We've successfully started working with a Danish company that we hope will become a long-term partner of ours.
    Ieva Bridikė
    Lietuvos Ryto Spaustuvė, Head of marketing
  • Daiva Likšienė
    We are a company engaged in a specific field, so we hesitated when considering whether it was worth the time and effort to present our activities at the EXPO centre. The number of enquiries we have received from the EXPO centre over less than 12 months has exceeded our expectations. We have no doubts today, and the contacts we’ve received have helped us find a serious client in Finland. We will definitely consider further cooperation with the EXPO centre in the future.
    Daiva Likšienė
    UAB Selteka, Director of Commerce
  • Vytauras Jasaitis
    In our opinion, the project of the EXPO Centre is very innovative and useful.We are pleased to have the opportunity to expose our company in this business exhibition.We are constantly working, communicating with the customers who have sent us their enquiries.Although we do not have the specific results, we have no doubts that work done will lead to the desired results.Would we recommend the services of the EXPO Center to others? Yes, we certainly would.
    Vytauras Jasaitis
    UAB Rokvelas, Director
  • Vaida Vaičaitienė
    The interest showed by the potential customers may be determined not only by the current need, but also, maybe, by their future plans, therefore we appreciate such advertising as the measure for increase of the awareness of the company. Presently, we have already delivered the first orders to the furniture and interior company in Finland. The business contacts with it have been established thanks to the EXPO Center.
    Vaida Vaičaitienė
    UAB Be-GeBaltic, Managing Director
  • Dainius Tvarijonas
    The atention that we have received as a result of working together with EXPO center allowed us to successfully extend our customer base and find some new customers in Sweden. I think that such service is really necessary for the business in the country because it allows to make a presentation to the potential partners quickly and easily and to exchange useful business contacts.
    Dainius Tvarijonas
    UAB Nosted mechanika, Managing Director
  • Justina Zykutė
    I highly appreciate the EXPO CENTER’s initiative, its team. The input made will give excellent results.Participation in the project of the Expo CENTER increased notability of our trademark in the local market, therefore I recommend for the companies to take part in the business exhibition of the EXPO CENTER.
    Justina Zykutė
    UAB PakMarkas, Marketing Manager