Interview with Mark Faggyas from the Bridgestone company

7 August, 2015


Please briefly introduce yourself. What is your reason of visiting Lithuania?Bridgestone


I represent Bridgestone – Bandag. In Lithuania we are working with Guminta, our main retread partner.


Can you tell more about your company?


As of 2007 Bridgestone is the biggest tire producer in the world, who after the merger with Bandag in 2006 also provides cost efficient solutions for end-users. Our biggest fleet partner in Lithuania is Girteka who are providing logistic services across the Europe. 


Are you planning to do more investments in Lithuania?


In this business area we are working with independent entrepreneurs.


You are working with Lithuanian companies. Have you noticed any cultural differences between Lithuanian in Polish market environments?


Yes, we are working with Guminta and Girteka. Guminta are providing Girteka with tire retreading service in large quantities. When comparing markets there are no significant differences I could think of. Work environment in Lithuania is suitable for business developement.


What is the most important criteria for you when looking for partners?


Currently we are not looking for any new partners in Lithuania because our current and main partner completely fulfills our needs.


Trust. Is it important in Lithuanian business environment?


Loyalty between partners and collective growth are fundamental in our business. Mutual commercial and technical knowledge is the most important property and it helps to develop long term business relationship.


What builds trust in business? How long do you usually work together until you build the trust?


Every case is individual and it depends from partner or client with whom we are starting to work. Sometimes one serious discussion is enough and sometimes it takes half a year.


Social responsibility. What particular actions do you do/ does your company to be socially responsible?


Of course we have motivation and salary bonus system and we give much attention to the working environment and its improvement.


Airplanes and airports. What do you usually do while having a flight? What do you usually do before a flight?


Inflight I usually work with my computer while listening to music and enjoying some red wine. Regarding traditions, I speak with my friends on a phone and tell a prayer before the flight.


What is your opinion about the EXPO Center?


As I am quite a frequent traveler it would be nice to see more new companies because I like the idea of EXPO Center a lot!