Interview with textile sales agent from Great Britain

12 October, 2015


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I’m from United Kingdom, Manchester. At the moment I am in textiles business and I am selling to apllostary, curtain and cushing manufacturers fabrics.


When was the first time you started to work with Lithuanians suppliers?


Well, this year in April was the first time. We set up with a company from Vilnius


Are you planning to collaborate with  Lithuanian companies in the future?


Yes. I am looking for others. I will find different type of garment manufacturers for different projects, why not? It is better for me to work with more companies from one countries rather than constantly going to different countries. In this way my work is more time consuming.



Have you noticed any cultural differences between Lithuanian way of business and GB?


Actually I was really impressed in the way of dealing here. People in Lithuania are very hospitable, they drove me around, showed everything they even picked me up. It is really nice. It is easy to commute around, roads are good here and the capital is beautiful. People are really friendly, what else can you want?


What are the most important criteria’s for partners?


Qualaty. Correct pricing, the way they serve it, being European supply base, not too far from UK. Lithuania has the right combination of everything.


Do you often change partners?


Over the years naturally everything changes, that includes us those partners. It is natural time to time to change. To be honest these were areas I was looking for, especially for Linen and wool, these were new areas for me. And I was really happy when you guys connected me with a wool manufacturing company because at that moment I was struggling to find one.
We deal with Turkey, Spain now LTU. It is good to have different suppliers from different countries but if you have more suppliers from one country it is better for me because when I come here I can visit and deal with all of them, the distances aren’t that huge here. I can do all around trip.


The most important factor that helps you to create trust?


The people of course. The business is always people. No matter what you do you deal with people. People that I’m working with for example from Audejas are great. They are really big professionals, we also tested each other in what we are and how we are working. References are also important. I always do crossed-references


What is your opinion about EXPO center?


It is very good and very efficient. It shows you the ideas of what those companies do. And you guys helped me to find suppliers from Lithuania.