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EXPO Center, a permanent business exhibition  has opened its doors to passengers in September 2012 in the International Airport of Vilnius (IAV). Every passenger leaving the country is welcome to visit the exhibition after finishing aviation safety check procedures. Companies of the Eastern European region are enabled to present their business lines and  be recognized among local and foreign business representatives. Having deep knowledge of every product and service presented at the EXPO Center, our professional consultants look for potential partners and useful contacts on behalf of the companies exhibited. This is the first business service of this type in Lithuania.




The International Airport of Vilnius was chosen for the project because it generates the highest flow of passengers in Lithuania. The number of passenger has demonstrated continuous growth since 2010 and is forecasted to peak at 3.3 million passengers in 2015. According to the information provided by the Airport‘s bureau of statistics, 39 percent of its passengers travel on business purposes. The EXPO Center is located in the business area (upstairs on the 2nd floor) of the Departures Hall (entered after finishing aviation safety check procedures) in a strategically located area near the “Business club” of the International Airport of Vilnius.




The majority of passengers arrive one or two hours before their flight. After finishing aviation safety check procedures, passengers have 30 to 60 minutes of free time. The EXPO Center offers them a possibility to spend their time usefully by visiting a regional business exhibition. This provides Lithuanian citizens and foreign visitors with an opportunity to become familiar with the most prospective companies of the region and to be presented with a detailed information on their products and services. The EXPO Center enables foreign citizens to become acquainted with Lithuania as a country that has high-quality products and high value-added services, along with new business possibilities and a chance to expand their list of contacts.




Professional consultants are always present at the EXPO Center and engage in conversations with each visitor of the exhibition. Using a specific questionaire consultants cover such topics as  business area of the visitor, current needs and interests as well as other important details. The consultants then introduce them to representatives of these areas of interest who are exhibiting their products or presenting their services in the EXPO Center, and obtain the contact information of the visitor. The contact information will be delivered directly to the company or activity which they had interest in on the same day.




The area of the exhibition at the EXPO Center is divided into different exhibition spaces providing place for more than 50 companies to be represented.



EXPO Center provides the following services:

  • Exhibition space of your choice;
  • Professional presentation of your company to the visitors;
  • Direct contacts of foreign and Lithuanian businessmen interested in your business area;
  • Informative description of your company in the journal of EXPO Centre distributed in the whole airport.


For more information please contact:


Audrius Tumavičius, Project Manager, tel. no.: +370 699 05883;
e-mail: a.tumavicius@expocenter.lt