Interview with sales manager of Pulimetal Cittadini company from Italy

9 December, 2015


What kind of business do you have here in Lithuania?IMG_0885


I am from Pulimetal Cittadini. Its a family managed company and we are more then 15 years on the market. We do design and manufacture automatic metal polishing and grinding systems, machines for metals, but recently we did machines for wood and plastic. So we are expanding.
In Lithuania we work with IDW world leading manufacturer of premium shop fitting, mannequins and display products. We are selling, we are supporting them for a long time with a polishing machines for the mirror finishing on the tubes, that they use in retail furniture.
And we are trying to expand our business in faucet industry here. You have very good company here in Lithuania for faucets. And also for retail furniture.

What is the most important criteria according to which you are looking for partners, customers?


We meet with a customer we check we talk to them, we find out their needs and then we suggest our technology.
Regarding customer we have in Lithuania we already delivered five machines to them so now we know what they need, and they know what we can do.
On the whole there is no difference our customer is big or small company. All customers are important for us. Of course if we deal with a family business company or a local company the communication is more flexible, if we deal with a big company, communication is more professional and we have to follow their rules.

What is the most important factor that helps to create trust between you and you partner, customer?


The most simple way is to show what we are able to do. For example when we sold first machine for our customer here we only asked for a down payment and then long term payment later just to sure the company that the machines we are delivering are trustful and that we can support them after the sell. Because the second key point of our comany is after-sale service.
We can not be present everywhere so machines and the service must be good.


Cultural differences in business, have you noticed any of them, comparing Lithuania and your country?


For my first experience I can say that the culture is different but i prefer lithuanian culture doing business. The people I met here have a word and they do what they say. They don’t change later, so they are very serious in my opinion. You are very serious people here in Lithuania. (smiles)
Surely when customer visits us we take care of customer and they do the same here in Lithuania.

What is your opinion about the EXPO center?


Its a small airport, so exhibition is not big either, but I found something interesting here today and I am pleased of professional services at the EXPO center.