Interview with project manager of the LiSEC company

20 August, 2015

What kind of business do you have in Lithuania?Lisec


As machine producer in Lithuania we are selling machines and software for flat glass industry, such as: Glass Cutting, Insulated Glass Units production, glass processing , tempering , laminating.

We also deliver Photovoltaics production lines to produce glass-glass modules with edge sealing. From now on our customer in Lithuania will be
producing this new type of pv modules.


Are you planning to do more investments in Lithuania?


We have been present in Lithuania from the early  90’s onwards. In 1996 , the first IGU line in ”Panevežys Glass Factory” was installed.

That was the real start of our presence on the market in Lithuania. In 2006 LiSEC invested in Lithuania and opened its own office. Today we have a team of ten people in Lithuania for sales and service of our machines.


Have you signed any contracts with any of Lithuanian companies? If yes, what kind of, are they big, long-lasting contracts?
If no, are you planning to do that?


We have a contract with a Lithuanian company called ViaSolis. Of course it is a
long- lasting contract to work together.

Our company’s main target is to sell production equipment for different products. For example to produce pv modules, but the main part of our
business consists of machinery and software for the production of insulated glass units that are used to produce windows and doors. We can deliver all kinds of equipment for flat glass processing and of course we are looking for new customers.


Cultural differences in business, have you noticed any of them, comparing Lithuania and Austria?


I haven’t. Our sales guys could talk more about this, I think. But for me here in Vilnius it is not really that different compared to Austria,
to Vienna. It is a nice city, you get all the things and it is nice to stay here. If I have time on the weekends I go sightseeing, I have looked in at some different famous parts here in Vilnius and I find Lithuania quite interesting.


Gifts in business, is there any tradition in your company to give/receive gifts?


No it is only when we have finished some project or when we have reached some targets we go for a dinner together, this is the only thing that we do.


What are the most important criteria according to which your are looking for partners?


We have different customers, really big producers of glass processing products, windows and so on, but also we support  newcomers in the industry So our customers are completely different, from start-ups to big companies that have been active in the market for 100 years already.

We are participating in a lot of different exhibitions, our sales guys are always on spot and they keep in touch with our customers and they know the market needs, for example what products will be requested in the upcoming years. We are always in contact and many customers, especially in IG glass production and flat glass processing, knows “Lisec”. For IG glass production lines we are definitely the market leader.


Loyalty in business, how often do you change partners?


Actually our goal is not to change partners, but to work on long-lasting partnerships, for that we are present in the markets locally. Generally when we have a customer who has bought machines from us, he will usually buy in the future as well, because we provide very good quality, we guarantee long time stability, so we have long-lasting partnerships.


What do you think about EXPO center?


It was my first time in the EXPO center. Today I have a little more time at the airport so I chose to spent it here. It is nice and interesting, you always have several minutes at the airport and it is nice to spend them where you can get information about companies and gather news.