Interview with CEO of the “Lime microsystems” company

10 July, 2015

The company Lime microsystems started working in 2005.  Company operates as a fables chip design manufacturer. At this moment company has two designing centers, one is in Guildford UK and another one is situated in Lithuania, Vilnius. The head of the company Ebrahim Bushehri reveals for what purpose he formed designing center here, in Lithuania.  


Why did you choose Lithuania to open a design center? Maybe your choice was formed by difference of taxes or other features?

We did not choose country because of lower taxes, we were looking for experts that could design our microchips and be a part of my overall team, and specifically that I have found in Lithuania. Of course cost efficiency is important factor but I give priority for knowledge and loyalty and that is more important for me than lower taxes or other features.  So the main reason why the other design center ended up here, in Lithuania, is because of the specialists that I have found here, and those Lithuanians that I have invited to work with me refused to leave Lithuania.


Loyalty, is it an important factor in business environment?

Yes, of course. Loyalty and trust are equally important in every country, in all sectors of business.


If you are looking for partners which of the criterias are vital for you?

Well, we are working in a very fast and constantly changing industry so for us it is very important that the production could be delivered extremely fast. Basically what kind of project we are doing must be delivered quickly and that must be done in a high level of quality.  So when we are looking for partners we are seeking for quality and quick reaction.


You have been working in Lithuania for more than 10 years, in that period of time have you noticed any cultural differences between Lithuanian and Great Britain employees?

We are actually in a very unique situation, 90% of what we do is all technical so we are looking for technical knowledge rather than way of doing business. So basically if they can deliver from technical perspective what we need then we are able to communicate perfectly despite different language or culture. Most of the people that I work within Lithuania have traveled a lot so we did not find many of cultural issues.


What is your opinion about EXPO center?

I think that it is a really smart idea. I have never seen anything like that in any other airport. I did not expect that I could find a company that might be valuable for my work simply here, in airport. Waiting for a flight can be useful!