Interview with Zoppas Industries general manager Juhani Nyroos from Finland

10 January, 2016

Indroduce yourself, your company.


I am working for Zoppas Industries electric heating element technologies. I am salesman for Baltic area.
ZI Heating Element Technologies is a reliable global supplier for the design, manufacture and sale on the world market of heating elements and systems for domestic and industrial use.

What kind of business do you have in Lithuania?


We are supplying some companies with electric heating elements, basically systems like air conditioning, heating elements to heat heaters and refrigerating systems and so on.

Are you planning to do more investments in Lithuania?


I am visiting Lithuania quite often let’s say almost once every month, because I am the only person following after the Baltic area.
Regarding investments I dont know, maybe in the future to open a branch here could be an option, if we start to get few more customers and we start to build up the terminal, could be an option to have a branch or some local people working here, distributors.

Have you signed any contracts with Lithuanian companies?


Yes we have. Usually we are sub supplier for company. We are producing components and they are manufacturing the system, so we produce the heating elements and they are making some product where they use these heating elements. The contracts are usually long lasting, normally when the project starts it can take up one to two years to start and after that it’s long lasting business more or less.

What are the most important criteria according to which are you looking for partners? Are there any criteria?


We are looking for reliable companies that are interested to work in international market.
Talking about orders, it depends on the volume of the product so we are not very flexible in making very small orders, because it takes time to design and to produce new products. I would say, we are mainly focused on companies that have mass production and can more or less define the product.

Loyalty in business, is that important for you?


Yes, but it is very difficult question because of course there is no loyalty in that way that most of the time its about the costs and its about the quality, and its about delivery time and customer service. If all of these things are in a good shape then you have loyalty, but if something is missing of course the companies are not so loyal to you so they go somewhere else. (Smiles)

Trust is it important in Lithuanian business environment?


Usually one project can last from six month to one year when you start to actually produce, and I would say that after the few first deliveries you will start to see how the cooperation is working and so on. I would say that after two three deliveries you are already having a feeling of each other and it goes from there.
So yes, it is important.
Quality, on time delivery builds trust and the price of course. Also if you can pay the invoice it helps. Those are the things more or less. And communication, the customer service is the key issue, if you’re giving a good customer service.

Cultural differences in business, have you noticed any of them comparing Baltic region and other countries with Lithuania?


There are some differences but I haven’t found any problems in this market and the biggest bonus or positive side is that its quite easy to approach companies here in the Baltic region, maybe because there is not as much competition in our area of business so in my opinion the companies are quite welcoming and quite happy to have new suppliers, new offers and new contacts. For me as salesperson its quite nice to see that. For example if I compare with Scandinavian countries especially Norway, the market is more closed, so it is much more difficult to enter and its not so welcoming at many times.

Social responsibility, is it important in business, for your partners?


Yes, I think its important for every company in a way if you can support social and the local communities. We do it and I think that our customers and suppliers here are doing it as well, so I would say yes it is important.

Airplanes/airports: Do you have any traditions or rituals?


Yes, I do. I always visit EXPO center before the flight, so this is my tradition. (smiles)

What is your opinion about EXPO center?


I like it because its a very good way to find new companies you don’t know and maybe have not found in exhibitions or internet. Its a nice way to find new companies that might be interesting, like I have found few, like Termoskalė, Comfort Heat and Elonika.