Interview with CEO and project manager of the “Holmbergs safety systems” company

10 June, 2015

  1. For what particular reasons have you chosen to start business in Lithuania?IMG_1193

Lithuania and Sweden has good relationships and this country did not seem to be so different from ours. One of the main reasons why we have chosen this country because it is close to the market. Lithuania has also well developed logistics channels.


  1. Have you noticed any differences between Lithuanian and Sweden workers?

Not really. In fact there are not any big differences between Lithuanian and Sweden workers. Lithuanians as Swedes are hard working, trustworthy and reliable people.


  1. Did you notice any cultural differences in business between Lithuania and Sweden?

Yes, we have found a lot of differences. One thing that I have noticed is that Lithuanians have a big respect for the State, or for anyone that has something to do with the government. We have more relaxed view of government, because its State to serve us and not the way around.  Also sometimes government makes everything difficult around here. Lithuanian government creates a lot of bureaucracy.


  1. Have you done any investments in Lithuania?

Yes, we are constantly doing it. Of course we invest in our factory in Druskininkai a lot, mostly in machinery and warehouses.  Every year about 100 000 EUR.


  1. Is trust an important factor in business here in Lithuania?

Yes, of course. Trust is equally important in Scandinavia as in Lithuania.


  1. If you are looking for partners which of the criteria is the most important?

Our partners should be high levelled. They have to produce high quality products because we do safety parts and the materials must be the best in quality. They also should have an experience with automatic business or something like that. We prefer to visit their factories to see how the products are made to ensure ourselves. What is more, we are RT certificate which is the automotive higher grade so we require for our customers to have same level certificates.


  1. How often do you change partners? If you change?

Well, we try not to change them because it is very complicated to do that. Our sector requires every material that we are using to be as good as it can be. For example, if we change one supplier we also have to test all the products again for safety and that costs a lot. Changing partners/ suppliers could be very risky and expensive so if we choose a partner or a supplier it is for a long term.


  1. What is the most important factor that helps to create terms between you and your partners?

Responsibility.  Partners should meet deadlines. They also must provide materials or services with that quality that we all agreed on.


  1. What is your opinion about Expo center?

It is our second time here and we have noticed that you changed a little bit. This time and the last one was quite valuable for us, we took some business cards of some companies that might be useful for our business.