Philosophy of the Company



To be the best company in representing Lithuanian business.




Professional and enthusiastic team with innovative attitude to business and knowledge of customer and business environment creates maximum benefit for the customers and contributes to formation of positive image of the country.





  • We believe that a professional team ensures the high quality of services provided.
  • Knowledge of a client, comprehension, empathy and flexibility facilitates mutually useful cooperation.
  • We analyze the market, follow news and offer client-specific solutions in consideration of the precise needs of a client.



  • We keep our word.
  • We respect the diversity of businesses, values, beliefs and opinions.
  • We are responsible for the business solutions we make after a professional evaluation of the business environment.
  • We have respect and responsibility for each other, including our employees, clients, shareholders, partners and society.



  • We enthusiastically seek to achieve our goals.
  • We proactively search for modern solutions.
  • We are open to innovations, and appreciate speed and innovative points of view.
  • We are creative and look for possibilities in any new change.


Economic welfare

  • Economic liability is the basis on which other parts of our social responsibility are built. We believe that the aim for profit is a basic feature of a socially responsible company;
  • We have long-term goals and seek a stable environment created in a transparent way by considering the interests of the business environment and the needs of all market players.
  • We aim to build a successful business for our clients, ourselves and business partners, while assuring the welfare of our employees and shareholders.




“The EXPO Centre: The flight is beginning!”