Interview with Quality and Product manager of the Schweitzer project company

16 September, 2019

Please introduce yourself. Tell me more about your company.


I am Stefan B. from Italy. Our company Schweitzer project is one of the leading European shop fitters with worldwide clients and several sales offices and logistic HUBs.

I am Quality and Product manager for the Schweitzer Company and my job is to keep attention on our running orders at different international Suppliers, mainly in western and Eastern Europe. I also operate as a Supplier Scout to find new potential suppliers, mainly in eastern/ northern Europe.



What kind of business do you have in Lithuania?


In the past we had some metal suppliers in Lithuania, actually we try to start with a new supplier. And we are looking for partners.

Have you signed any contracts with any of Lithuanian companies?


In the past we had some contract partners. Actually, we have one new contract in progress. We visited some companies here in Lithuania, few you can find in EXPO center too, like AR Studio.


What is the most important criteria for you when looking for partners? 


Quality, experience in FOOD/ NON food shopinterior, pricelevel, flexibility, short leadtimes, good communication, english or german language skills required.


Loyalty in business, how often do you change partners?


With reliable partners it can be long time collaboration. Average collaboration time 2-6 years, but we have some partners for more than 15 years.


What builds trust in business? 


Liability, honesty, loyalty, reliability, speed. In general: all behavior and characteristics that makes business profitable: in  material and immaterial sense.


Cultural differences in business, have you noticed any of them, comparing Lithuania and other countries? 


The Baltic countries generally are highly rated in my personal meaning. Most people I met in Lithuania or your direct Baltic neighborhood seem to have particularly / most characteristics described before, that builds trust in business.


Is it important that your partners and their companies should be socially resposible? 


Yes, we have contracts with many clients we are working with.


The fulfillingness of European social standards and respecting human rights and even nature responsibility regarding production, raw materials used and others are part of these contracts.



Airplanes/airports: What do you usually do while having a flight? Do you have any traditions or habits that you do before a flight?


I close my eyes ,relax and enjoy the flight…. 🙂 A one hour flight normally is too short for serious working. Before the flight I prepare my visits in all aspects: time, journey, residence, transportation on site. Nothing special, I have repeating rituals before going to airport. Washing, ironing, packing my suitcase, selecting required documents or other things I have to take to my business destinations.


What is your opinion about the EXPO Center?


For me it is a good opportunity to get informed about potential new suppliers.

In a way it has become a ritual to visit EXPO center in Vilnius airport before working/ relaxing in the Business Lounge, because I frequently depart from Vilnius Airport.