Visitors reviews

  • Jandl Markus
    Today I have a little more time at the airport so I chose to spent it at the EXPO center. It is nice and interesting here. You always have several minutes at the airport and it is nice to spend them where you can get information about companies, news. I think it is a good idea.
    Jandl Markus
    LiSEC project manager
  • Juhani Nyroos
    I like EXPO center because it is a very good way to find new companies you don't know and maybe have not found in exhibitions or internet. It is a nice way to find new companies that might be interesting, like I have found few, like Termoskalė, Comfort Heat and Elonika.
    Juhani Nyroos
    Zoppas Industries sales manager
  • Daniele Zucchini
    Its a small airport, so exhibition is not big either, but I found something interesting here today and I am pleased of professional services at the EXPO center.
    Daniele Zucchini
    Pulimetal Cittadini sales manager
  • Mark Faggyas
    As I am quite a frequent traveler it would be nice to see more new companies because I like the idea of EXPO Center a lot!
    Mark Faggyas
    Bridgestone – Bandag company representative
  • Jens Jørn Nielsen
    It is not my first time here. Before the flight I visit EXPO center and I think it's a very good idea. I have a tradition to go to Heineken for a hamburger and after that I always visit EXPO center. (smiles)
    Jens Jørn Nielsen
    UAB Danish Wood Windows owner